interior decorating that suits you.

That room. You know the one.

The one that doesn’t feel right.  The one that just doesn’t work. The one that doesn’t feel like YOU. And you just don’t know what to do or where to start. Maybe you’ve pinned a ton of Pinterest images, stalked Houzz for days, or you’ve collected magazine pictures of things you like. But how do you get your room to look like you want?

Are you starting with an empty room?

Maybe you are starting out with a completely empty room. As a certified interior decorator, I know how to plan and where to start. I will work with you to give you the room and the home of your dreams. I will discover the styles and colors that reflect your taste, and create a lovely room you will love.

Maybe you have a few pieces you love?

Do you already have a piece of furniture or artwork you love, and you’d like to use it as a starting point? I can use that inspiration piece and pull the rest of the room together. Let’s take a look at what you love, what you don’t love, and see what we need to make the room work for you.

Do you need a color consultation?

If a color palette is what you need, I am a certified color consultant through the “Color With No Regrets” system invented by JoAnne Lenart-Weary and Cyndi Stefanik. This is a scientific approach to color that creates beautiful palettes based on your personal preferences. I can create attractive and harmonizing color schemes and palettes that reflect your desires.



It is my mission to make you love your home.

You want warm and inviting. You require functionality. You need comfort and beauty. You want a beautiful room, but it must also work with your life. I am a certified interior decorator who understands your problems and has creative solutions.

Other services include:

Custom window treatments

Furniture placement

Combining households


Home or office organization

Check out my portfolio for examples of my work.

Consultations are $150/2+ hours

Contact me about how to get the home of your dreams.