Home and office organization done right.

It happens to the best of us.

You have stacks of paper everywhere. You can’t find your latest phone bill. You can’t put your groceries away because there is no room in the pantry. What was once a lovely room is now cluttered with papers, books, kids’ toys and who-knows-what. And just how did that clothes closet get so full and where are your good black shoes?

Don’t be embarrassed. I promise not to judge. I have been where you are right now. Life gets away from us sometimes. Life gets messy.

As a professional organizer, I have seen it all. Let me help you. I will create an organizational system that works FOR YOU.

Get peace of mind.

An organized home will fill you with a sense of peace and balance. An organized home stays cleaner, looks nicer, and is easier to maintain.

Let’s work together, clearing the clutter. I will work directly with you, side by side, going through the papers, the clothes, the pots and pans, whatever you need. Then we will create a system to keep things organized, easy to retrieve, easy to store.

Just want it done?

Maybe you prefer to have a professional organizer come in and do it? Just give me the very clear parameters that are important to you (“I need these papers in chronological order,” or “I want to store winter clothes under the bed.”), and let me at it! I’m fast, thorough, and sensitive to your needs.

Organization that works.

My system of home and office organizing is fast and easy. I know all the tricks to keeping everything (and you!) on track and getting it squared away. I will show you what to do with incoming items to keep you organized.

I promise you will feel more at peace with your home!

My rate is $75/hour. Package rates are available if a time block is purchased up front.

Services include:

office organization

kitchen organization

closet organization

filing systems

whole home de-cluttering


and more!

Files created using David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system.