testimonials for Sharon Hoffman, The Organizing Decorator

Sharon is great. She is organized AT EVERY STEP of the process: from calling promptly, to emailing documents, to texting a confirmation the day before, to being on time, to communicating expectations, etc. Sharon, thanks for coming to help clear some clutter. My wife was stunned when she walked into the room. She just stood in the doorway in disbelief. So, you were an amazing help to us!
— Keith Goodman
When I purchased my new home, I knew that I was going to need some help with interior design and decorations. As a bachelor, this is not an area where I have any aptitude. I had a used a decorator in the past and didn’t enjoy the experience as she seemed intent on designing “her vision” rather than what worked for me.
Thankfully, I found Sharon. She spent the necessary time with me to truly understand my tastes in color, fabrics, floor coverings and art before she set out to do her work. The results have been nothing short of spectacular! My home is elegant yet warm and comfortable. Everyone who has entered my home for the first time have all complimented my design.
I’m already looking forward to my next project (master bedroom and bath) with Sharon!
— Robert Cooper
I contracted Sharon a couple of years ago to “update” my girlfriend’s “post-college, young adult scrounge” style apartment. Three days and only #200 later, it was done. My girl literally dropped to her knees in shock when she saw it and cried at the awesome change. Sharon does amazing work and mostly with what you already have. She has an excellent eye for design and a deep well of experience from which to draw. I recommend her highly to others and would not hesitate to use her services again.
— Scott Philo
There are not enough words to describe the depth of my gratitude for the tremendous job Sharon did for me. I hired Sharon to help me de-clutter and organize a room that basically stored unpacked boxes and a mountain of paperwork. Sharon tackled a job that would normally overwhelm me to the core with ease, joy, and efficiency. It is not only wonderful to see a job well done, but to be in the presence of a person who enjoys what they do bring such a joy and peace to a situation that would otherwise be deeply unpleasant for someone like me who does not possess those skills. The Organizing Decorator comes HIGHLY recommended! I will definitely be using her services again. Thank you Sharon for a job well done!
— Nicola Hurst
Sharon organized and beautifully decorated an incredibly small space for me and she did it under budget while using excellent organizational items she purchased for the project and using my own art pieces I had forgotten I had due to them being stored away for so long! Sharon took mountains of moving boxes and small rooms of clutter and organized everything, making it very functional for a very low cost. After the project was completed, I could function again and enjoyed the new Zen feeling in the much improved space. It was such a drastic improvement that I cried the first time I entered the redesigned space, seeing that it was so beautiful, peaceful and organized! Sharon has a real gift for organizing and decorating and I would hire her again! Thank you, Sharon!
— Dianna McAskey
Sharon redesigned my front room. I am so happy with how beautiful it is and how much bigger the room appears. Sharon also did a custom color coordination in a couple of rooms. I’m excited and looking forward to using those recommendations. When I’m ready to work on the master bedroom, Sharon will most certainly be the person I use.
— Cyndi McDonald
I hired the Organizing Decorator to redo the common areas of my house. She was able to do amazing things while keeping major pieces of furniture that I specified had to stay. I gave her a budget to purchase new items, and not only was she very conscious about purchasing the right items within budget, she managed to make my house look awesome and stayed within 10% of the number we had planned out!
Sharon was able to rearrange current major furniture, and add accessories (lamps, drapes, small tables, etc.), and de-clutter so much for me that it made the house look completely different. I’m completely satisfied with the work that she did. It was on time, within budget, and fit my wants and needs!
— Wes Chain
I’m a busy IT professional whose office was complete chaos and a total mess. Sharon helped me get organized in every way, from my files in my folders to my hard drives and cables. I cannot tell you what a remarkable transformation it was! I was so stunned that I took a stack of her business cards to give to my co-workers who asked me how I’d done it.
— James Kurt